Here's a selection of new plant pot creations I have been working on. They are used yoghurt pots which I have attached as heads to old action figures. I have then dressed and styled all of them with fabric and random accessories. Their boots are made from plastimake which is a great tool that can be melted in boiling water and molded into anything. This was good for anchoring them to the empty coffee tins for bases (I then filled those with stones to weight the whole thing down.

The pots I have filled with soil and am growing rosemarie and chives! I have also done some with small cactus that are great looking and low maintenance.  

These are really quick and fun to make!


It is time to return

Been gone a while. It's time to return with some new magic...


Batman Vs Scarecrow

Here is an update to the Batman project I have been working on for a while now. Added the Scarecrow and display base. Working with the moldable plastic has been really fun. I highly recommend it.

These are 12 inch figure sizes so this sits pretty boldly when displayed. I'll have this on Etsy once it is all done.



My daughter lost the head to one of her old dolls so I decided I needed to create something from the remainder...

I'm using mouldable plastic to create this and fimo for the jaw. The 'hair' is from an unrelated head that was in my kit. I did think at one point - "Why not just pop that Barbie head on this body?" But then we just wouldn't have this lovely lady would we....

PS there is an arrow bearing 'sister' on the way too. I'll post finished pics of them both soon - I have a bit of Hitman Absolution that requires my attention once the kiddies are asleep.


I've been wanting to make this ever since my wife handed me a spare gumball stand she had from one of her miniature projects. I took one look at it and this is what jumped into my head - a little creature; desperate to make off with the entire haul...


The Devils Debt - Lobster gets legs!

I put my killer clown lobster through a bit of evolution and had him rise up on hind...


The Desolation Project

I wanted to create a scene of a slice of emptiness. Of a boy searching for scraps as he leads his hulking companion through a devastated world.