Gundam Wars

The focus of this project was to create a Gundam that looked more in line with real-world battle equipment.


Dead Souls

I created a series of 12 scale doll house paintings with a dark edge to them. The result is Dead Souls, a collection of tormented frames for the dollhouse collector with a liking for something spooky. Each frame tells its own story from the man who dropped to hell through to the lover who would not let go until they were as one...

He knows if you've been bad or good...

...but doesn't care either way - he is coming for your soul.
I always had this idea of a terrifying creature walking across the roof of a home searching for a way in. I tried to sculpt this with the theme that Santa's face is just a mask worn to lull you into a false sense of love and care, and his sack is just a flesh stitched bag of body parts.

Sculpted from FIMO, and standing approximately seven inches, this beast comes with an assistant who is small enough to fit through gaps to pry open windows and allow hell to enter.

Project Cat for an upcoming comic

Meet Korea Kugasawa, the assassin cat often mistaken for a squirrel. He works for his agent, Donut, who arranges hits in the most professional manner you could imagine.

He is sculpted from FIMO and stands at approximately six inches. The rifle is also constructed from FIMO and is detachable.


Bear Project for an upcoming comic

I've been working on a comic featuring animals and decided that to really bring them to life in my mind before drawing I would sculpt them in 3D first.

Standing at approximately 7 inches and made from FIMO as normal and dressed with a few accessories. The bear goes by the name, Donut.


WAR Souls

I like Mechs. I like coffee. I like gaming. I do recycling. I like making things out of recycled things. So here is a collection of mechs made from coffee lids, bits of a PS3 and Xbox controller, and random findings around the house.



I started this project as a halloween sculpt. Main material as usual for me was FIMO. There was no fairy at the time. It was just the bunny-thing on the cross with some funky pumpkin heads around the base. But being somewhat slow to complete I missed the event completely and put it aside with the intention of reviving it the following year.

And then I got all romantic...